Posted: December 5, 2009 in Travel

Work description

I’ve been working almost seven years as ESL Teacher here in Spain, and although it gives me greater freedom than I had when I was in my first teaching job, and though I only have to work 4-5 hour (work a day) but I am always  outdoors for more than 9-10 hours.

Always on the move

What I find hard is actually moving from one place to another to conduct classes. Although I’m not really sure if it is actually a problem, but I still don’t find it easy  “teaching from one place to another”. It gets dark and cold in the winter in Spain (at dawn and early night), and personally I’d rather sit and wait for my students “stationed” than always “on the move” to go to the next class.

The course

Normally, Language courses start in September and end in June. So here is what a typical day looks like for an ESL teacher like me if you ever wondered what. 5:00 – Get woken up by alarm clock. Groan and try to fall asleep again.

5:30 – Stumble out of bed, and get the shower heated up and have a warm bath.

6:30 – Run to the bus stop to catch the first bus. Try to get some sleep on the bus.  Remember in (start of autumn – winter) it’s dark, cold and sometimes freezing outside.

7:45 – Get down from the bus, walk 10 minutes to the company, get a pass then wait for the students.

8:00 – My first ESL class starts, finish at 9.05 then on my way back to the bus station, get a glass of natural orange juice from a nearby bar. Often run to the nearest shop to buy some fruits and vegetables, milk etc. (something to eat)

9:30 – Bus leaves, prayer and meditation time. Often take the opportunity to pray and meditate in public transport as this is where I spent most of my time. Sometimes read local paper to see what’s in the news. Arrive home at about 10.05.

10:05 – 11:00 – “A  la Cosina”. Cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While cooking, get the washing machine running and get laundry done.

11:15 – Check my email and answer or attend to any new e-mail. Log into my Web blog and Facebook then check to see if there are any problems, new posts. Post something when possible, this is something addictive so I usually do this 2 times a day. Listen to Frenchpod to get some helps for my French lesson. Many times look for fillers for the day’s ESL lessons from various websites to print. These are vital and also really helpful at motivating me to get things done and at least accomplished something.

12:00-13:00 – Eat “brunch” the popular breakfast and lunch combined. While eating the also watching my a TV series to learn and improve my Spanish, it is necessary (:-)

13:10 – 19:30 – Run to the bus stop to catch the bus to go to afternoon and evening classes (six to eight buses, 4x on trains) throughout the afternoon and evening rounds.

20:10 – Catch a train(10 -15 min interval) and then take another bus for 20-30 min to get home (an hour) estimated time of travelling home. Tired, hungry and sleepy (-:) ! Remember it’s dark, cold and sometimes freezing outside.

21:00 – Go directly to the kitchen turn on the microwave oven to reheat food prepared in the morning. Dinner time!Try to catch up on late evening news on T.V.  

21:4522:30 – Again check my email and answer or attend to any new e-mail, then log on into my Web blog and into Facebook.Get some resources/fillers for the following day’s ESL lessons from various websites to print.

22:3023:00 – Bedtime, prayer and meditation time. I have to avoid staying up late. Set alarm clock at 5:00.

This is my typical day! How does yours look like? Is it something like mine?


  1. Jen says:

    What makes the parade holy??¿¿??

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