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La Roja Victory Night (Football World Cup Finals) JULY 11th 2010, South Africa

I arrived home very late about 2:30 a.m for the first time in my life here in Spain. I had an impronto “prayer walk” to my place which is about 45 minutes from the train station. I took the last train from Atocha, Madrid. On board the train we were like sardines in sauce of Spanish flags, red and yellow trumpets, red turbans, almost everybody’s wearing red shirts, t-shirts, shorts. I even saw a lady wearing golden earrings Spanish flag designed. I was tempted to ask her for a photo but in the end I just let her go then turned away smiling.
Throughout the country I believe was “all out RED” as red as fresh tomatoes. I was wearing an orange-colored mini dress though, and I just realized that my color was Holland´s 🙂 I was surprised & I couldn’t believe that my ears “pueden agwantar” (can support) the noise around me; trumpets, drums, horns here and there sounding, everybody´s chanting and singing, young people screaming and laughing & shouting out loud too pushing to create movements like that of a dance. The train car was like an oven and a sauna bath & I should say and add that our summer temperature yesterday reached 40 degrees in the capital and in most major cities in Spain, yet all faces wore smiles I don´t know how to describe. When I Alcala de Henares station I got off from the train and was met by street cars parading & beeping, speeding & honking & the drivers and merry makers waving their flags big & small sounding their trumpets calling attention and inciting wild responses, groups of teens drinking and chanting, singing & shouting. You can find them on all corners in almost all streets around Alcala and more drums playing, men & women wearing the Spanish flags as capes & turbans. I reached plaza Cervantes & saw the statues of Miguel de Cervantes a well-known literary figure of Spanish literature wearing a red scarf and he´s got a banderita too ( small flag) placed carefully in his unmovable iron hand and don Quijote wrapped with a Spanish flag. The two statues looked like as if were cheering each other as well. People, tourists, families were celebrating around the streets of Plaza de Cervantes. They were raising their cups of wine and cold drinks having fun nights.

Spain is undergoing tough economic downturn and many were saying that the July 11th World cup victory was a kind of therapy for many. Witnessing last night’s event, seeing, listening as well feeling the sensation of Spain´s first world cup victory & jubilation around me produced by the match, I prayed for the country. My prayer is that somehow, one day the country (the people) will experience the true delights of victory in their lives in JESUS our Lord.
Last night, for Spain was a euphoria! I understood that the enormous feeling of happiness they are experiencing & living was just momentary and passing. Anyhow & anyway, God bless Spain! ¡Que viva España!