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The 45th Year

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Live Another Day”

Another day
Here it comes like wind so swiftly
It might not be that nice and easy
And it might not go so smoothly
But we’ve got to find a way

Another day
It might be like a climb up hill
But we´ve got to have a will
You might see that it’s got no thrill
But we have to hold on to sail

Another day
It can be total rounds of sighs,
Remember that we can still fly high
And it might be the toughest why?
Let´s face it like eating a piece of pie!

JH S. Buscato © September 26th ‘10


It´s Autumn Once More

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cool night air tells its autumn once more!
On my shawl for a lovely walk outdoor
There`s excitement as to the change of colors
Orange, dark reds & yellow greens galore

Autumn´s brown leaves in fashion fall
One by one creating gorgeous mantles
lavishly blush the streets as a spectacle
                                       Trees in absolute baldness yet stood as noble

Sunny cloudy rainy weather´s here
Freshness and coolness are for us to share
Warm days & nights are gone in September
Yet, things still are in Autumn for us to cheer

Dampness & grey skies pronounce a beauty
Designed by the One who alone is mighty
Every artist´s brush can show us vividly
How incomparable is the Creator´s Glory!

JH S. Buscato© 2010 all rights reserved

Poem of the Month

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

      ‘ September is Here ‘
Oh what a beautiful day!
Rise up & shine body of clay.
Let thy Potter have His way,
each step one day at a time I pray!

Oh 1st day of September mornin!
What freshness to me you are bringin
Now that summer´s heat is easing,
On my Creator´s promises I´ll sing!

 JH S. Buscato ©2010 all rights reserved