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It´s Autumn Once More

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cool night air tells its autumn once more!
On my shawl for a lovely walk outdoor
There`s excitement as to the change of colors
Orange, dark reds & yellow greens galore

Autumn´s brown leaves in fashion fall
One by one creating gorgeous mantles
lavishly blush the streets as a spectacle
                                       Trees in absolute baldness yet stood as noble

Sunny cloudy rainy weather´s here
Freshness and coolness are for us to share
Warm days & nights are gone in September
Yet, things still are in Autumn for us to cheer

Dampness & grey skies pronounce a beauty
Designed by the One who alone is mighty
Every artist´s brush can show us vividly
How incomparable is the Creator´s Glory!

JH S. Buscato© 2010 all rights reserved