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A Hard Blow

by: Jenifer Buscato

No one in this world can deny that in one way or another he/ she´s hard hit by a hard blow in certain times in his life. Personally, it just didin´t happen to me once, twice or thrice but on many several unexpected occasions. I´ve had a hard blow three weeks ago. I was pulling a plastic bag behind my study table and there in an instance I saw my PC, the mouse, the loud speakers flying in the air all over my room falling off to different corners on the floor. I was dumbfounded! I didn´t t know what to do whether I will scream, shout or cry. I picked up my 2 years old PC still blinking though but srtuggling between life and death! The PC looked perfectly allright and did not have any signs of external damages. I turned it off then I tried to figure out how and what really had happened. I realized that the plastic bag which I pulled was actually slightly hooked with the cable wire attached to the laptop computer which caused the flying and the falling.

I checked my PC once again by turning it on, surprised to see that it was running quite running normally but suddenly all images disappeared before my eyes. I was left with a blank screen. I did the “turn off and turn on” process many times but I was deprived of miracles. Finally I decided to scan boxes to look for my PC´s guarantee card hoping that it`s not expired yet but I was also conscious that for sure repairs, unit replacement etc. won´t be guaranteed if I tell the shop what really exactly has occurred. WOW! I was contemplating of not telling the truth! What a shame! I felt bad so bad and so sad of what I`ve seen in my heart and in the end I decided sending SMS to find and ask help from friends what to do with my PC. A friend did a diagnostic test, the result was positive (internal damage), another declared the PC is dead and the last opinion I´ve got was that my PC is in comatose meaning it is in a state of deep and usually prolonged unconsciousness; unable to respond to external stimuli;  I have a comatose hard drive! What a pity! It´s hopeless!

Deep within me, I could see my heart´s unwillingness to accept the truth about my PC then thinking of the unfinished trimestral reports yet to be done, my emails and worst of all the possibility that 99% if not all files will ultimately won´t be recovered, What a shock! What a big loss! How painful! I’m faced with hard decisions to make; to get a new one and or to pay the cost to repair the damage and or the PC´s internal hard drive must be replaced. I surrendered and accepted the fact that all files stored were lost then made necessary repairs & renovations then willingly paid the cost. Good things happened out of the blue after all the chaos. My PC´s new hard drive now has 320 GBs twice the old one and has doubled the memory card from 1 GB to 2 GBs and from windows vista to windows 7. What a big change! I´m grateful and happy indeed! Finally, I got my PC back to work  and gradually had it running well again. I also had learned how the new program works.

Certain times in real life situations , we are in this dilemma. When hit hard by a big blow, we have the tendency to lose the capacity to think & act correctly and coherently. More often than not, we resort to lying, denying, blame gaming and hiding keeping the problem, the hurts, the pain, the anger, the loses to ourselves. We are good pretenders pretending that all´s well yet inside our hearts we knew we needed to change, we needed help and that we needed to embrace, accept and face squarely the “unpleasants” as consequences of the hard blows in our lives. There´s within us the stubborn unwillingness to face the truth, to pay the price & to come to the open instead of hiding therefore making our predicaments worse. Life is about making choices, it´s asking questions like …. Will I correct the mistakes, repair the damage or live in distressing & painful situation or mull in self pity?

We must never forget that healing & restoration are possible only through JESUS CHRIST our Lord & Saviour. JESUS is a true friend of a wounded heart. Coming & building a relationship with Him, walking with Him, believing and committing ourselves to Him, we are guaranteed that it´s possible to be saved & healed from wounds caused by life´s hard blow.

So ready to welcome the blows and the blues. We have His powerful hands to defend us. Thank you LORD!