Frustrations / Correcting Mistakes

I had major insfection and was hospitalized for 5 days I was in so much pain due to constant needle shots necessary for blood analysis. I’m thankful for my doctors, nurses, hospital attendants, staff and medical interns attending to me responding to my immediate needs so much so that my buzzer was put out of arm’s reach for the whole time.

One night a nurse came and checked on me, I asked if it’s possible to transfer my intravenous aparatus on my other arm to relaxed my other arm now bluish and in pain after two days in constant priction carrying and sustaining the cables to take in my medications. She happily granted my request,After one rub to another she somehow located the position where to insert the needle. She failed and blood came out rushing and stained my bed sheets, I closed my eyes and bit my lips so hard to accomodate the pain groaning with tears flowing dowm my cheeks. I was in pain yet I can feel her frustration and anger for the mistake committed. I’m glad she did not quit but tried for the second time and did it corrrectly!

She was so nervous then left my room forgetting to cover my other arm’s open wound still bleeding after the needle was released. It was bloody night for me! I rang my buzzer and another nurse came to aid me and  clear up the whole mess. I was crossed yet I’m glad I did not complain and I’m glad that nurse did not give up after she failed the first attemp. I knew in my heart she didn’t want to see  me to be in pain like that not at least caused by her own errors but within me I congratulated her for not giving up! Sad that I never seen her face again that day.


“Errors can be corrected, quitting is cowardice and giving up is irresponsibility.”

Jhsb 2016 September, Madrid, Spain