My Poems

Mirrors Of Autumn

A U T U M N is here once again
Great season beaming in awe
Colors of red, orange & yellow
All around in magnificent hue
Autumn leaves fall comely lay
Trees standing firm in majesty
Days gray and gloomy yet gay
And there´s nothing to dismay
A U T U M N’s like life ebbing
Sound of sweet music playing
And a picture of sunset fading
Men wax  and wane we know
It´s no secret in this life below
All men on earth they shall fall
In life´s autumn they will recall
God´s love their eternal mantle
JH S. B ‘autumn ©2012

Once Upon A Love

“Love´s Joy and Lamentation”

Close & bonded you and I are no longer
To comfort, to touch and hold each other
yet, let me be a sun beaming in your life
I may not kindle like the brightest light
yet, let me be a glowing starlight burning,
gleaming and shining daily in your path!

You are to me now like a dark shadow,
Alluring, enticing, powerful and alive!
Subject of my fantasies and daydreams,
In a merry dreamland so unrestrained!
A genius design capturing my whims

A sweet companion I so long desired!
We´ve held each other once upon a time!
Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones
Now, apart yet a mysterious agent calling
Like a magnet attracting and is thriving
It pleases, reaches, and cries out of love
Once struck and smitten by a lost truelove!

         JH S. B ‘NewYear ©2011                                 


Another day
Here it comes like wind so swiftly
It might not be that nice and easy
And it might not go so smoothly
But we’ve got to find a way

Another day
it might be like a climb up hill
But we´ve got to have a will
You might see that it’s got no thrill
But we have to hold on to sail

Another day
it can be total rounds of sighs,
Remember that we can still fly high
And it might be the toughest why?
Let´s face it like eating a piece of pie!

 JH S. Buscato © Sept. 26, 2011


Cool night air tells its autumn once more! On my shawl for a lovely walk outdoor. There`s excitement as to the change of colors. Orange, dark reds & yellow greens galore Autumn´s brown leaves in fashion fall. One by one creating gorgeous mantles lavishly blush the streets as a spectacle. Trees in absolute baldness yet stood as noble Sunny cloudy rainy weather´s here. Freshness and coolness are for us to share Warm days & nights are gone in September. Yet, things still are in Autumn for us to cheer. Dampness & grey skies pronounce a beauty Designed by the One who alone is mighty. Every artist´s brush can show us vividly. How incomparable is the Creator´s Glory!  

                                                                                                                   JH S. Buscato ©2010


Life´s Goggle

Not good times, not distressing times
Nor fruity tart or racky start harass my mind
When days are sunny or nights dreary and scary
I shall live and dream, shall hold on and stay!
Love, abundance and scarcity be on the way
Let not pain, perils & pleasures move me
For worldly fortunes, gains & treasures can’t be,
Life´s secure anchor and security!
Dimmed eyes, hair loss and wrinkles,
Bone brittles and lush and youth may fade

Count not I in pomp & beauty as spectacles
Our faces do not depend on flashy shades!
Winner, worn out & burnt out from the race,
Tests and trials & triumphs seem like a maze,
Hopes and wishes may not come true in haste,
Living life certainly not depends on luck and fate!
In jubilation, confusion and I may in sorrow mourn
Yet heart & soul shall say all’s well perpetually.
The Lord´s love, joy, peace and mercy will surely be,
Life´s constant guide throughout my journey!

      JH S. Buscato ©August 2010

Sure and Certain

My heart´s steadfast amidst the realm of ambiguity. There is rest in spite of the unknown. I shall never be moved nor be discouraged. In each step I take, each move I make I gladly lay to the One who all creates, for I know he knows the way I´ll take. He always seeks and does not forsake!

                                                      JH S. Buscato ©2010

*Time to Rewind and Unwind*

The clock goes
Another day to the routine you are bound
Stop! look! listen and pause!
Make sure, nothing shall let you down
Always take some time for a break,
Cause rest and pleasure are at stake!
When loads of work seemed like a cross,
Go and unwind. YOU are the boss!

“Redeeming The Time”

Life is to know
that we have to grow.
Life is now here
and not somewhere.

Life is continuous living,
loving and growing.
It has to be shared
not to be feared!

It has been said
Cherish yesterday.
Live for today,
and hope for tomorrow.

I have to say
Forget the past
Hold on for today
and dream for tomorrow

The scriptures say
God is the same
today and tomorrow.

“What Time Really Is”

Now is the hour
for us to savour,
Friends may come and go,
we need to be true.
Time flies quickly,
Seasons change surely,
Any moment can turn beastly.
We need to be ready.

Time is pastures green,
that on our clocks are seen,
Twenty hours for us all,
No less, no more.
Use time freely.
Time is gold!
Time is free!
Spend it wisely.


Hardest mortals
are melted by tears.
Weighed down souls,
tears will cleansed

Tears may mean:
triumph & defeat.
Grief, sorrow & joy,
Tears express these!

Joseph & Jesus wept!
Apostle Paul cried!
Peter sobbed!
Jeremiah lamented!

Newborn babies cry!
Sign of health & life.
An unspeakable delight!
To have first seen the light.

” September Morning “

Oh what a beautiful day!
Rise up & shine body of clay
Let thy Potter have His way
each step one day at a time I pray!

Oh 1st day of September mornin!
What freshness to me you are bringin
Now that summer´s heat is easing,
On my Creator´s promises I´ll sing!

JH S. Buscato ©2010

Life in Time

Life is to know
that we have to grow
Life is now here
and not somewhere!

Life is continuous…
living, loving, growing…
It has to be shared
not to be feared!

Now is the hour,
for us to savour.
Friends may come and go
We need to be true!

Time flies quickly
Seasons change surely.
Any moment can turn beastly.
Life´s sail must be placed firmly!

Think green,
it´s health for the brain,
We were given life & breath,
Live it to the fullest!

                                                                      JH S. Buscato ©2009


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